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Memory Pack

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Nourish Your Brain and Protect Your Memory!

The Memory Protection Pack from Roex is designed to combat age-related memory decline. It contains three supplements specifically chosen for their ability to boost cognitive function and enhance memory.

AmyloidArmor™ was formulated to fight harmful beta-amyloid plaque build-up in the brain. Research suggests that beta-amyloid plaque may contribute to reduced brain function and memory loss. AmyloidArmor contains herbs and nutrients shown to help remove beta-amyloid plaque from the brain and prevent further build-up.

Also included in the Memory Protection Pack is Choline Supreme™. Choline Supreme combines the power of GPC choline with uridine. Studies show this combination can actually assist the brain in building new neurons – the electrically excitable cells in the brain that processes and transmits information. Healthy neurons are the ultimate memory devices!

Finally, we've included our Ultra Pure Omega Advantage™ fish oil supplement. The brain health benefits of fish oil are well documented and one of the reasons cultures with a history of eating a lot of fish have so few brain health issues with their elderly.

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Q:What is AmyloidArmor™?
A: This synergistic blend of herbs addresses the main component in cognitive dysfunctions. The AmyloidArmor™ formula is focused on removing beta-amyloid plaque. Current clinical research indicates this form of plaque may play a role in age-related dementia. A potent proprietary blend such as AmyloidArmor™ represents a new tool in the arsenal of neural support and long-term memory enhancement.

Q: What is Choline Supreme™?
A: Each capsule of this new cutting-edge formula provides a research-proven, superior form of choline along with uridine to naturally stimulate phospholipid production. Choline Supreme™ enhances neurotransmitter and growth factor production to optimize brain function and slow down brain aging.

Q: What is Omega Advantage™?
A: Omega Advantage™ is an ultra-pure fish oil supplement high in both DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids. It is used by anyone who wants the benefits of fish oils, but doesn't necessarily include fish in their diet. The health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids include support for the brain and cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that by including Omega 3 fatty acids significant improvement in triglyceride levels is achieved as well as heart and brain function.

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