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Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula

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The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula®
Superior Absorption!

The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula® is one of the highest quality, most complete calcium and mineral formulas on the market today. It is a unique blend of minerals, including four different forms of calcium, plus magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin D3 and a broad range of trace minerals.

The four types of calcium (calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium carbonate, calcium lactate and calcium amino acid chelate) incorporated in our formula have high absorption rates and therefore are well assimilated by the body. Vitamin D has been added to further increase the absorption of calcium.

Another essential mineral included in the formula is potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral in human nutrition; the human body needs potassium to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

Two additional essential minerals found in The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula® are magnesium and zinc. Three forms of magnesium (magnesium oxide, magnesium aspartate, magnesium amino acid chelate) are included in the formula for optimal absorption. Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for sustaining life, and acts as an activator of multiple enzymes that are important in the transport of carbon dioxide in blood.

The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula® contains Horsetail extract, a naturally rich source of silica, which is necessary for muscle, nerve and brain cells to utilize calcium properly. It also contains boron and chromium. Boron is critical for the assimilation of minerals, and chromium helps support healthy pancreatic function and maintains healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.

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Q. What is The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula®?
A. Roex's Calcium Mineral Formula is a unique blend of essential and trace minerals including 4 different forms of calcium (calcium cirate, calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium aspartate, and calcium lactate), 3 different forms of magnesium ( magnesium oxide, magnesium aspartate, and magnesium chelate), plus zinc and trace minerals enhanced with Vitamin D-3. The body's ability to absorb calcium as well as other minerals is enhanced by Vitamin D-3.

Q. What are the benefits of The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula®?
A. The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula® supports healthy bones and teeth and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.  It also includes Vitamin D for heart health.

Q. Who should take Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula®?
A. Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula® daily supplementation is ideal for those seeking superior nutritional support stronger bones and teeth, as well as healthier skin, hair and nails, with additional support for a healthy heart. 

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