Natural Collagen II

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Unhydrolized Collagen Type II for Joint Support

Roex Natural Collagen II Plus delivers the healthy benefits of Biocell Chicken Sternum Collagen Type II. This unique form of collagen facilitates maximum absorption as the integrity of the long-chain amino acids and molecular structure of the collagen are better preserved during processing.

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Q. What is Natural Collagen II?

A. Most collagen is denatured (altered) using a high-heat process that can break down its structure and diminish its potential benefits. Roex® uses a low-heat process that leaves natural structures intact. Similarly, Natural Collagen II is not treated with hydrogen peroxide, acids, bases or enzymes, since these treatments also alter the collagen's structure and may diminish its benefits. Keeping the long chains of amino acids that form the collagen intact allows for optimal nutritional benefit.
  • Chicken Sternal Collagen Type II: Roex® opted to use chicken collagen because studies show that the avian variety is much more compatible with human physiology and has more positive results than similar studies using bovine Type II. Further, the chicken sternal collagen type II selected by Roex has protein content ranging between 55 and 65 percent for polypeptides and between 35 and 45 percent for mucopolysaccarides, levels unattainable in other Type II sources.

Q. What are the benefits of Natural Collagen II?

A. Natural Collagen II Plus promotes skin elasticity and firmness, supports joints and helps maintain cartilage.

Q. Who should take Natural Collagen II?

A. If you're looking for a natural joint support and are experiencing joint pain, you’ll want to include Roex Natural Collagen II Plus as part of your daily regimen.

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