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Ergo C with Threonate

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Quick Overview

Ergo C is a whole new way to support healthy aging! It’s the first and only nutritional supplement to provide both Vitamin C and L-Ergothionione, two of the most important cellular protectors for the human body.

Ergo-C Provides the only combined solution to the human body’s inability of the body to produce its own Vitamin C and the virtually total absence of dietary Ergothionione to support the body’s genetic mechanism to utilize it.

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Q. What is in Ergo C?
A. 500 milligrams of Vitamin C as neutral mineral ascorbates so it's easy on your stomach and 500 micrograms of pure l-Ergothionione, the body’s true master antioxidant. Ergo has its own gene which enables it to be delivered to those cells that need it most when oxidative stress strikes.

Q. How will Ergo C benefit me?
A. Ergo is more potent than your classic antioxidants, it concentrates in the liver, kidneys, heart and your skin, the organs that are subject to the most oxidative stress.  Ergothionione enhances and extends the antioxidant power of Vitamin C.  Ergothionione and Vitamin C are also super-protectors for sun challenged skin.

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