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Colostrum is the first substance that a nursing mother gives her newborn, and it's packed with the mother’s antibodies. Calves rely on Bovine colostrum to build their immune system and quickly grow muscle tissue. For newborn babies, human colostrum is crucial for their development. It is a quality source of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat and has so many scientifically proven health benefits. Colostrum also contains many immune and growth factors that play a pivotal role in many developmental and life functions. The immune and growth factors found in bovine colostrum are reportedly richer yet are similar to those in human colostrum, making it very compatible for human consumption. 

Bovine colostrum offers other benefits, not just immune system support. The gut health benefits provided by bovine colostrum are greatly due to its content of antibodies. More than 19 unique antibodies have been identified in colostrum that is effective in targeting pathogens. Growth factors have been shown to stimulate growth, regeneration, and accelerated repair of aged and injured muscles, skin, collagen, and nerve tissue. 


The Role of Bovine Colostrum in the Body

Bovine colostrum contains transfer factors, which are “immune information” molecules that “inform” other immune cells regarding their immune responses to various agents. This increased ability in cellular communication allows the immune system to work faster and more effectively.

Proline-Rich-Polypeptides: Bovine Colostrum contains Proline-Rich-Polypeptides (PRP). PRPs have been known for their immune-supporting properties.* 

Lactoferrin: Bovine Colostrum is a rich source of Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein that acts as a frontline defense for the immune system.* 

Growth hormones: Many nutritional experts feel that one of the prime causes of aging is the decrease of growth hormone levels in the human body. Bovine colostrum is a rich source of many different growth factors, including growth hormones. Growth hormones help to promote lean muscle mass, tissue growth, and repair.*

Roex’s Mother’s Gift® Colostrum is one of nature’s richest sources of Natural Growth Factors. While overall lifestyle and dietary habits play a significant role in gut health, supplementing with colostrum could be another effective tool to leverage.


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