Roex by BIN Science Loyalty Rewards Program (also known as “Roex Rewards”) allows customers to accrue Points that add up to discounts, and what rewards can be redeemed using their accumulated points.  Roex reward Points are for use on future purchases on Points don’t expire as long as you buy one thing every calendar year at  


Customers will earn points through the actions below:

Place an order                 =    10 Points for every $1 spent
Sign up                            =. 500 Points
Celebrate a birthday        =  200 Points
Follow on Instagram.       =  150 Points
Like page on Facebook   =  150 Points
Share link on Facebook.  =  250 Points

Customers can redeem these rewards using their points  

$20 off coupon           = 2000 Points
$10 off coupon           = 1000 Points
$ 5 off coupon            =   500 Points


Roex Program Rules

  1. Points have a value set by Roex by BIN Science. The value on the date these terms were published was 1 Point = $1 but this value could change from time to time at Roex by BIN Science.’ sole discretion.

  2. You must create an Account (your “Account”). When you create an Account, you will automatically receive 500 points.

  3. As a Roex Rewards Member you will earn 10 Points for every $1.00 spent on purchases not including tax or shipping. Points will appear in your Account within (30) days after your order is delivered. 

  4. The price of the products being purchased will be reduced by the value of the Points being applied. Tax and shipping is applied to the original price. 

  5. Points used against purchases will be deducted from your Point balance.

  6. There is no limit to how many Points an individual can earn or redeem in a given period of time.

  7. Roex Rewards is for individual consumer accounts.