Techniques to Focus Better

We live in a busy world where a lack of concentration is a common complaint.
Ask, "How was your day?" and the standard response echoed in many
households will be, "I was so busy that I didn't get through everything I had
planned for today."

In an age of information overload, we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information we struggle to process or focus on. A contributing factor to the lack of concentration is our obsession with reality TV and celebrity culture. For some, it can have a profound negative impact on thoughts, actions, and choices, but for others, celebrities can be a significant motivating factor. There are a plethora of articles and interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other ridiculously focused people who spend a vast majority of the time practicing an intense level of focus by setting and achieving goals. Focus, Determination, and Perseverance are three characteristics of successful people fueled by a specific core belief that they accept to be true without question. But how are they able to concentrate when the pressure is on? By conditioning their mind to focus on one thing and developing a laser-like focus to the point of being obsessive. They cultivated certain traits to become part of their daily routine, like the examples below: 

  • Write down goals every morning and read them every night.
  • Set daily reminders to remind you of why you're doing this.
  • Practice time management and staying on task.
  • Remove mindless distractions from your daily schedule.
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes, and stay focused on the task at hand.

If you're struggling to concentrate, you're not alone. As millions face changes
brought on by the global pandemic, it's not easy to accept this as our new reality.
With frequent feelings of frustration and overloading our mental circuits, we learn
to adapt—Navigating through our "new normal" with less structure,
inattentiveness, higher levels of stress, leading to impaired concentration.

When you're unable to concentrate, you can't think clearly or focus on a task, even
when a deadline is looming. Unfortunately, forcing yourself to 'work harder' seldom works, and yet it's good to feel accomplished when you've 
completed an important project. Notifications, calls, texts, social networks, the TV, radio, and the millions of apps available are all elements that challenge our focus daily. Even when you're
"snowed under" with work, you'll sneak in a peak on social media or check your
messages. We are addicted to our phones due to the blurred line between
our personal and professional communication. The good news is that there are ways to tackle this and improve your ability to concentrate.

Here are some techniques that will allow you to block distractions and improve your focus effectively: 

Make a to-do list: Yes, it's not the latest tip, but a to-do list can remind you of the tasks that need your attention throughout the day. 

Boost your focus with music: Find a familiar tune or just the right amount of background noise can help us stay focused. 

Cut distractions at the source:  Our smartphones can monopolize our lives, mindlessly staring at that tiny screen hour after hour. When the
temptation to give in to distractions is too great, you have to find radical ways to
stay focused. The best option is often to cut distractions at the source. Start with
the main distraction for most of us, your cell phone! That's right, that handy little
tool and sometimes toy we carry around is an extension to our hands. Turn it off,
turn it over, leave it in another room, put it in a designated spot, whatever works for
you, but get rid of it.

Optimize your smartphone: Be smart about time management by using your phone to its full advantage. For example, if you're a procrastinator, time blocking can be beneficial as it helps to have each hour meticulously planned out in advance. There are many options to choose from Google Calendar, The Pomodoro Technique,
and Forest app are popular apps to help with time management and productivity.

Do one thing at a time: A surprisingly powerful way to increase productivity and concentration is to do ONE thing at a time. By focusing on one thing at a time, you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Get Enough Sleep
Have you noticed that a common theme in clinical studies is sleep deprivation?
Numerous studies have found that insufficient sleep increases the risks of
acute and chronic illness and injury. 
As a society, we spend our time burning the candle at both ends until we are exhausted. You'll find it more challenging to focus and pay attention when you are sleep-deprived. Go to bed at a reasonable hour!

The bottom line is to create a system that works; being organized is a great start.
Take yourself offline, put your phone on airplane mode until you've completed
your task list. If you still cannot focus and find yourself losing concentration more and more, consider supplementation. Smart Mind by Roex contains a blend of natural botanicals, vitamins, and minerals.


We'd love to know what tips you have used to stay focused. What tips can you share? Comment below

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