Calming Stress Relief™

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  • CALM AND HAPPY DOGS AND CATS, LESS STRESS AND ANXIETY FOR THEM MEANS PEACEFUL MOMENTS FOR YOU!  - Help your fur baby relieve anxiety and relax when exposed to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, while traveling whether it’s a trip to the vet or across the country. Separation anxiety a problem? Not with our stress relieving capsules perfect for our 5lb and over 50 lb furry friends!
  • Fast acting so you can get on the road or settle down for the night, Calming Stress Relief will help your pet maintain a balance and positive mood, reduce stress and promote their good health.
  • Straight from nature to your doorstep, Calming Stress Relief is the perfect combination of ALL NATURAL AND HERBAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS like chamomile, passion flower, Valerian Extract, Ginger root and Reishi Mushroom.  With our calming remedy your dog or cat can finally settle and have fewer incidents of destructive behavior.
  • PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR DOG TO BE LESS ANXIOUS, FEARFUL AND HYPER OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our easy to swallow capsules contain only the finest high-grade 100% domestic ingredients and are made in an FDA-registered and GMP certified facility in the USA.
  • NO MORE HARD TIMES SETTLING YOUR DOG DOWN AT BEDTIME & START ENJOYING PEACEFUL NIGHTS – When your dog is calm and relaxed they can fall asleep and stay asleep all night, no more roaming around the house or restless barking at night, it’s perfect for the traveling companion!
  • STOP WORRYING WHEN LEAVING HOME. NO MORE DOG’S DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR WHEN LEFT ALONE - If your beloved pet becomes upset when you need to leave, simply give your pet the recommended dose before you leave and watch them calm down and peacefully allow you to leave. Active ingredients like Valerian Extract and Passion Flower will help him to alleviate his fears and separation anxiety.  It’s also perfect for a day out with your pet, social settings are easier and there’s no more worrying about having friends over.
  • Every bottle of Calming Stress Relief comes with our 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee!